Our passion is helping individuals and families to get ahead financially. It’s all about creating the right road map for you and your family’s future.

There is never a better time to start creating wealth than right now. Our average client is seeing their investment net worth grow over 300% faster by working with us.

By making sure all your affairs line up, you just get a better result. By ensuring all areas of your financial life are optimised, you make progress at an accelerated rate – with little or no extra effort.

  • Cash flow enhancement
  • Tax minimisation
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment analysis
  • Early mortgage and debt repayment
  • Asset protection
  • Wealth creation
  • Insurance assessment

Is your financial future on track?

Good financial planning allows you to feel secure that the right thoughts, expertise and strategies are in place.

Cashflow Enhancement

At the core of a good wealth plan is getting the most out of your cash flow. Saving money on things like insurance and tax or utilising created surpluses to save interest can reduce lending terms.

Investment Analysis

Through our in-depth understanding of your overall wealth plan we can help you identify the optimal investment mix that will work ideally for you.

Insurance Assessment

Often before we sit down with clients they are over insured, or even worse, are paying too much for products that do not provide the cover they really need.

Mortgage & Early Debt Repayment

Building your wealth can be held back by bad debt. With the right structures and support, you can become debt free faster in a way that benefits your entire wealth accumulation strategy.

Tax Minimisation

Every dollar that can be saved by a tailored tax minimisation strategy is a dollar that can be used to accelerate your wealth

Retirement Planning

Balancing your needs now, and in the future, is at the core of retirement planning. Our holistic approach balances the uses for your money in a way that ensures you have the lifestyle you want leading up to, and after retirement.

Asset Protection

As important as generating wealth in your plan is protecting that wealth. Asset protection structures usually need to be put in place far in advance of when you need them to produce an effective result.

Wealth Creation

Your money and assets need to be working for you in a way that drives you forward, rather than making you feel like you’re struggling.

Find out how our Wealth Strategy Planning can help you get ahead

We have a proven track record of helping people make better use of their money. We can assess where you are now‚ what your goals are‚ and how we can best achieve them. The first meeting is free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Client Experiences with SurePlan

“When we first started talking to SurePlan the questions asked around our finances were very relevant. Now that we have gone through the process of having a plan written it has really given us a long term perspective on our finances that we did not have before. To us gaining a sense of security has been the best thing about the whole process. Knowing that we have a plan in place and that it will work if we do our part is a great feeling."

Chris & Cassandra Torrey


“We would highly recommend getting a professional financial review and have certainly had a very good experience with SurePlan Financial."

David & Gillian Middleton


The key to success and peace of mind is knowing you have an expert in your corner.

Our clients tell us that before working with SurePlan they simply did not know who they could trust to discuss all of those important financial decisions. Usually the person giving you the advice has a product to sell and it is easy to be suspicious of getting dietary advice from the cake shop.

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