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Increasing employee engagement and productivity while reducing employee turnover and absenteeism are important but rank below ‘doing the right thing’ as the key reason employers tell us are focusing on workplace financial wellbeing programs.

Our workplace wellbeing programme is designed to empower employees to make confident financial decisions and build a brighter future.

The seminars are designed to help employees gain the right knowledge to assist them in making confident decisions for themselves. It’s also a great way for employers to continue to show their team that they truly support & care for them.

As a business owner, I’ve seen the immediate benefits of employee wellbeing initiatives in action. The seminars are designed to give the employer maximum value whilst delivering significant opportunity for employees.

John Schell
Managing Director

Personal financial wellbeing and organisational performance are connected

  • 72%
    of organisations believe employee financial education will be of benefit to them
  • 46%
    of employees worry about their finances
  • 83%
    of employers say money problems interfere with productivity
  • 20hrs
    a month lost to sorting out personal finance worries
  • 58%
    of employers report “financial illness” drives absenteeism

Workplace Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing workplace programs are shown to benefit both employers and employees and that’s why many employers are including financial capability as part of their overall wellness programmes. They realise that people who have the right financial tools are happier because they enjoy better wellbeing, are more productive and less likely to take time off.

Expert advice from Authorised Financial Advisers

Working with SurePlan has given us better clarity around what our goals were, both economically and also social goals, how we want to live our life, and a plan as to how to get there. This level and quality of service can have a huge impact on your life & your goals & outcomes.

Deputy Chief Executive

For the employer

    • Better staff retention
    • Stronger employer/employee relationships
    • Increased loyalty
    • Reduced sick leave & absenteeism
    • Improved health & wellness of workers
    • A happier, more resilient workforce
    • More engaged staff
    • Increased performance
    • Competitive edge in the marketplace

For the employee

  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Better knowledge of positive financial behaviour
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Increased morale & connection
  • Better mental health outcomes
  • Stress reduction
  • Better quality of life
  • Expert advice from Authorised Financial Advisers
or more

ROI for employers who offer employees quality financial programmes


of employees say that they WANT financial education


of employers feel a financial wellbeing programme is “the right thing to do”


of employers want to improve employee engagement

How we can help

Our approach

Financial wellbeing programs include both seminars and one on one programs.


Programmes are tailored for groups of employees at all organisational levels


Financial Wellbeing Seminars and Personalised Financial Wellness

Organisational Purpose

To better the lives of New Zealanders by providing the right advice, knowledge, financial structure and ongoing support. Within the organisation we look to positively influence workplace culture, productivity & retention while reducing stress & absenteeism.

Our outcomes for participants

To be empowered to make financial decisions that reduce stress. To have tools and techniques to reach financial goals both today and in the future

Our outcomes for organisations

To reduce staff turnover and increase productivity through positively influencing workplace culture and loyalty to their organisation while improving employees financial wellbeing.

Commission for Financial Capability

We align ourselves to the vision for CFFC – Everyone getting ahead financially

The key thing that I’ve got out of working with SurePlan is financial confidence. I was already OK at saving; the difference now is that my saving is getting me to my goals faster.

Marine Engineer

Early signs from those companies that have initiated a holistic and fully integrated financial wellness programme have been encouraging, with measurable improvements in areas such as cash and debt management, savings, risk management,


A seminar is an excellent choice for any organisation looking to implement financial wellbeing.

  • Sixty minutes
  • 10 – 35 attendees
  • All materials provided
  • Key financial concepts
  • Fun and interactive
  • Actionable tips
  • A range of levels to suit your team
  • Group level feedback for organisation

Programs tailored to your needs

Financial Head Start

  • Goal Setting
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Debt 101
  • KiwiSaver
  • First Home Buyer
  • Planning for your Future

Financial Wellbeing

  • Goal Setting
  • Cashflow Management
  • Debt Reduction
  • Retirement Planning
  • Maximising KiwiSaver
  • Investment Strategies
  • Protecting Yourself Along the Way

Wealth Accelerator

  • Planning for Your Retirement
  • Building Your Portfolio
  • Maximising your KiwiSaver
  • Family Security
  • Protecting Yourself Along the Wa
  • Goal Setting
  • Debt Reduction


  • Goal Setting
  • Managing your Money
  • Maximising KiwiSaver
  • Student Loans
  • Planning for your Future

Not for Profit

  • Your choice of one-off learning seminars for teams of 25+
  • Supporting you to support your community

Pop-up Presentation

  • Thirty Minutes
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Fun & Interactive
  • Topical Timing
  • Twice a Year

*Costs are per presentation irrespective of participant numbers

Support your team to be their best

4 in 5

Kiwis felt money pressure over the past 12 months


of people in the workplace do not have a plan for retirement


of employees reported that financial pressure had caused them mental stress.

Workplace programmes work

What our clients say

Great team, very good practical advice, always there to help out when situations change. Highly recommend them if you want to take managing your finances seriously, and everyone should!

Product Development Director

Their advice has helped to get us to a better financial position, no two ways about that, and it’s going to have an effect in the future too, which will pay off.

Project Manager

Everyone in their team we have dealt with has had the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Business Development Consultant

Working with SurePlan has helped to move us along to get the things we need to do ticked off and done. Well worth investing the time in.

School Teacher

It’s given us a feeling of real security. Getting advice from professionals like these is one of the best things that you can do for your financial future.

Financial Analyst

Sound advice and the start of what could be life defining decisions. Easy to deal with and good people.

Marketing Director

Since sitting down with SurePlan and talking about our finances we now have a far better awareness around money issues.

Risk Manager

SurePlan has given us invaluable information and explained things clearly and in a way that has given us the confidence to say, “let’s go ahead and do that.

Interior Designer

It feels really good to deal with people that want the best for us and our future.