Top 5 family holiday destinations

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Family holidays are such a memorable part of growing up. From camping trips to overseas adventures, taking the kids away is an opportunity to create memories, experience new things together, expose your children to different cultures and places, and just spend some quality time together away from the demands of daily life.

While holidays are often seen as luxuries, many of the families that we see here at SurePlan put holidays high on their priorities. And that’s fine. After all, smart saving is important, but so is being able to enjoy your hard-earned money in ways that bring you and your family enjoyment. Giving yourself a break is also important, so you can feel refreshed and be at your best for both work and family life.

With lots of conversations with clients recently about holidays, we’ve pulled together the top 5 travel destinations that we see on the top of our clients’ bucket lists:


Just a short flight away (around 3 hours) with regular flights throughout the week,  it’s no surprise that Fiji is the destination of choice for many Kiwis. Denarau’s resorts are a popular option for families, because they make for an easy and relaxing holiday, however they can be costly, so it pays to look out for package deals. The benefits  are there are plenty of activities to keep both kids and parents entertained, kids clubs, safe swimming pools, easy dining options and, importantly, sunshine and warmth for a welcome winter break.


The UK

While the distance may seem daunting, a trip to the UK is still a popular option, especially for families who may have young adults who have flown the coop and are spreading their wings off-shore. It also remains a bucket list trip for those of us who didn’t get a chance to experience the classic Kiwi OE, but now have a little extra in their pocket to see the sites in style. Tagging on some trips to Europe is not uncommon, as travel within the continent is relatively cost-effective and easy.


The Gold Coast, Australia

Brisbane’s Gold Coast has long been a drawcard for Kiwi families, especially those looking for a bit of action and fun. If there’s one way to keep young kids happy, it’s the adventure and fun that comes with visits to the Coast’s theme parks. Accommodation options vary – from AirBnbs, to serviced apartments to resort-style complexes. It’s close enough to be easy for a short getaway, but delivers a decent escape with something for everyone.


Disneyland, California

This trip to a magical kingdom is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime family experience. Where else can you sail with pirates, explore jungles, meet princesses and join in Indiana Jones’ adventures? You’ll need to allow a few days for really exploring the park, and a give yourself a budget for making the most of your time there (who can resist purchasing some mouse ears). Disney has several accommodation options to choose from, and they also offer vacation packages which may be more cost-effective, particularly for families. It’s definitely a holiday where you’ll come home with memories to last a lifetime.


Queenstown cityscape with Wakatipu lake and Remarkables Mountains, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand

Our own backyard has so much to offer. From action on the ski slopes to relaxing remote retreats, beautiful beaches, wildlife experiences and thrill-seeking activities. Giving your family an opportunity to experience and wonder in the beauty of our own country is something worth aiming for. School holiday flights and accommodation do skyrocket in price, so it pays to be organised and look out for deals throughout the year.

Make holidays happen

Everyone should have the flexibility and freedom to spend their money in ways that deliver a lifestyle they want for their family. And that’s the beauty of what we do. By understanding what’s important to you – like spending quality family time together – we can help you focus your financial goals so that you work towards your targets while still making the most of a lifestyle you enjoy.

What’s on your bucket list? Have you got destinations you’d love to experience with your family – and, importantly, have you got a financial plan to help you get there?