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Start thinking about your finances differently

It’s time to start planning for your future

Our holistic financial service clarifies your financial goals and creates a plan tailored to your needs.

Holistic Advice

Professional, independent, comprehensive – it’s advice that empowers you to make the right choices about your finances and your goals. Our mission is to make sure you get the most out of your money. You can be sure the advice you get from us isn’t from a cookie-cutter template; it’s tailored to your specific set of circumstances. If something is important to you, we will make sure it’s in your plan.

Financial Structure

Because every family is different, every financial plan should be, too. You’ll receive a personalised financial plan that’s tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll help you review every aspect of your finances like tax, insurance structure, investment assets and retirement planning, and then show you how to fine-tune your lifestyle to achieve your goals. We don’t stop there; we also provide sound advice on every aspect of your financial life.

Ongoing Support

The most important aspect of any financial plan is ongoing support to make sure you are achieving your short-term goals as well as your lifetime goals. We help you to stay on track and to adjust your plan as your circumstances change.

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Check out our free guide, “The Great Kiwi Financial Roadmap”. It’s packed full of useful information, like how to pay off your mortgage faster, how to use residential property to build wealth, and the basics of wills and estate planning.

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The importance of a holistic approach

At SurePlan, we’re a team, so when we give you advice, all the elements work together in harmony. And because we take the time to get to know you first, you can be confident our advice is a great fit for you and your family. Our close relationship with you is the key to our holistic approach. How can anyone give you good mortgage or insurance advice without understanding what is important to you, now and in the future?

Think of it like going to a personal trainer – they don’t just teach you how to use exercise equipment; they also provide advice and support for your diet, nutrition and workout plan, to get the best all-around results. Financial advice is no different. You can’t be truly successful by only addressing one aspect or using a one-size-fits-all template.



One free consultation could change your life

There’s a reason why 75% of the people who meet with us become clients who make great progress towards their financial goals. It’s because we truly believe in what we do: improving people’s lives by helping them make better use of their money.

When you attend your no-obligation, free consultation, we’ll start building a strong working relationship by going through the information we need to help you and answering any questions you have. Then, if you’re keen to proceed, we’ll take it from there.

We know life can get hectic, so to make scheduling easier, we can meet you at your home on a weekday evening, and the initial consultation will only take about an hour. It could be the most important hour of your financial life!

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